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Our goal is to improve customer engagement on your website, app, or other digital touchpoints, by pinpointing the subconscious bottlenecks in your user journeys.

Whether you want to increase conversion, make your customer journey more intuitive, improve online self-service with humanized chatbots or test prototypes before go-live: our neuro-usability methodology is built for that.

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"Our way of measuring is data-driven and captures natural behaviour; it ends internal discussions."

return on investment

Increasing conversion is a combined result of discovering bottlenecks, A/B testing and working with product teams on optimization. Our research provides actionable insights and input for A/B hypotheses.

When our Telco-client started with neuro-UX, conversion grew with 101% compared to a year before.

Asics used our neuro-usability insights to help design- and optimize their product-finder tool. It boosted sales with 40%. (Read case)

With our help, TomTom optimized their GO Navigation app on the Apple Store & Google Play Store, leading to 5% more downloads. (Read case)

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"We can jointly create the path towards great user experience and building your business."

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Our solutions

Each solution we offer is to help you reach the next level in user experience, customer engagement, conversion and communication for any type of digital journey.

Full Service

User Testing

Whether you'd like to test (mobile) websites, apps, videos or software, we’ve got you covered! Whether trying 1 test or assemble a testing-bundle, we'll give you personal advice on how you can get started with UX testing.

Self service: Your own Braingineers Lab

Neuro Lab

With our neuro-lab solution, your existing customer experience (CX) Lab is extended with neuroscience capabilities to be able to  measure users' emotions and subconscious behaviour. With our training, and plug-and-play tooling you'll be ready for unlimited testing in no-time!

Self service: Instant attention prediction


For quick design validations and pre-testing visuals like UX designs and ads, use our predictive tool for visual attention. Generate instant eye-tracking heatmaps and predict advertising- and design effectiveness.

Some things you might want to know about us..

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Our DNA is a mix of psychology, UX and technology.

Braingineers was founded by two psychologists in 2014. From the start we merged neuro-technology with psychology, and applied this to user journeys.
psychology & UX
Not only our founders, but our research team has backgrounds in cognitive and behavioral psychology, specialized in online behavior, digital products and UX.
Our technology is where everything connects: we integrated complex systems to measure EEG, eye tracking and behavioral software with Brainpeek, our easy to use UX research & analytics platform.

We aim to make neuromarketing accessible for everyone.

Every year, more companies discover what neuromarketing research can do for them. We aim to provide the technology and knowledge to help them.
This is what differentiates us from others: we provide neuromarketing research as a service, but also make it easy for end users. Our Brainpeek platform is a good example where clients use it for deep-dives and analytics or, for Neuro Lab customers, as an automated research work-flow to avoid investments in neuro-capabilities, like tech or psychologists. We made complex & high-tech research accessible for everyone.
We specialize in neuromarketing research of digital customer journeys. Our expertise finds itself at the junction of psychology, user research and technology.
More importantly: we want to fundamentally understand your business needs so that we know how and where to add value; our goal is to deliver actionable insights.
Award winning

We are proud to get awards for our approach, innovations and people!

Braingineers combines a practical approach with expert knowledge and neuro-tech. This is why we've been awarded the first place in the Emerce Top 100 multiple times.
brainpeek platform
Our proprietary customer research platform Brainpeek was awarded by Accenture (Innovation Awards), The Chamber of Commerce (Innovation Top 100), Sprout (Challenger50) and several others.
You only win awards with passionate, talented people. This was recognized by the National Data & Insights Network (D&IN) awarding us (Jamie) with a Young Talent of the Year Award. Prior, we won its Insights Professional of the Year Award (Eltine).
practical approach

With our practical way of working, we'll fit right in your daily business.

We deliver actionable insights for all kinds of (digital) user journeys. Our practical insights sessions and reporting is concrete and actionable, leaving you with funded ideas to improve your website or app.
test approach
Our approach for usability testing is to minimize bias and maximize data-driven insights. Our technology and methodology makes this possible. We’re happy to demonstrate how this works, either online or at our office in Amsterdam where we'd love to frustrate and excite you in a live demo.
insights reporting
We deliver insights personally and digitally in (1) a presentation, (2) a summary report and (3) Brainpeek. The latter contains dynamic dashboards and all data, including session recordings and customer feedback. Suggestions can be assigned to teams in order to monitor optimization activities.

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