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Power your UX/CX Lab with neuromarketing capabilities. Capture emotions and new insights to improve UX, ad-effectiveness, or conversion rates and start building the best customer journeys with our plug & play solution.

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Our solution

After years of running neuromarketing research services and perfecting our lab in Amsterdam, we have turned our award-winning methodology & technology into a self-service solution. We bring neuroscience to your doorstep. Literally.

Braingineers Neurolab solution is a fully integrated, plug & play neuroscience research lab, offered on a leasing basis. It is specifically designed for research-, CX-, UX-, UI- and marketing-professionals: no neuro-expertise is required.



Photo of a UX researcher who puts on an EEG headset on the head of a participant.
All (neuro)technology required for researching digital customer journeys is included in our solution: a powerful computer, EEG headset for measuring emotions, and (Tobii) eye tracking for mobile and desktop.

On top of this, it provides behavior tracking software, managed by a single, cloud-based platform: Brainpeek.

All you need to do to transform your UX/CX lab into a state-of-the-art neuromarketing research lab is to clear a desk. 


Automated workflow

A screenshot of the software Brainpeek to record the participant user journey.
Brainpeek, our software platform, connects all technology, tooling and software. It functions as a single research workflow management tool, guiding you through the entire testing process. It automatically captures, structures- and stores testing data, and prepares the data for analysis.

This means that you do not have to invest in any neuroscience expertise. It also increases research efficiency: no more admin, files or transcripts: all data is structured, consolidated, GDPR compliant and stored in the cloud.



A screenshot of Brainpeek, showing the part where the UX researcher can do the analysis.
Brainpeek manages the lab and data, but also functions as your analysis & analytics hub. It compiles all session recordings with emotion- and eye-tracking data and prepares all data for analysis: automated reports, clustered labels/pages in the flow (matched with relevant participant feedback for those elements), templates, etc. You’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what happens where in the flow, and, most importantly, why. 
Done with your analysis? Instantly generate your Summary Report.

Are you an agency? Easily create a customer-environment and have your clients dive into their own research data.


Pricing and ROI

A screenshot of Brainpeek with example results.
Our neurolab comes as a packaged solution on a monthly license fee.

Technical implementation takes less than a day. No capital investment, no IT project required. We only need a space and a LAN connection, that's it.

To ensure you’ll maximize the lab’s potential, we onboard you in how to set up research, operate the lab, and how to analyse the data. We do this with workshops, online training, documentation and coaching. At all times, you’ll have a dedicated neuro-expert assigned to you for support or guidance. 

Pricing depends on the duration of the contract and level of research expertise you'll require. Typically, the ROI kicks in if you plan to do above 7 to 8 tests a year.


Onboarding you for a self-managed neurolab is pretty straightforward. For optimal preparation and alignment internally we have the following approach:

Step 1


Already did testing with us? Great, skip this step, you know what to expect.

If not, we prefer to test one or two of your journeys and let you experience (in our lab) how it works and what value and insights it brings. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?

Step 2


Taking your situation into account, like location(s), team size, number of labs, level of (general) research experience, etc., we jointly plan the onboarding and training sessions. Typically, it takes three to four days, depending on your (team’s) calendar.

Step 3

Self managing

Whether you are a veteran researcher or less experienced: we prefer to support you (live) during your first solo-flights and provide guidance when needed. We know quite a few things about getting more out of your research and making it more efficient. Trust us, we did well over 6,000 of those tests.

Dentsu opens its own 'Attention Lab'

“There are numerous developments in our industry, and with these new neuromarketing capabilities, we can get deeper into consumer behavior. What emotional impact does personalized radio commercials have? How intuitive and effective is outstream video? What is the emotional impact and attention of creative ads? And how can publishers build their own advertising ecosystem based on attention? With Braingineers’ neurolab our expertise gets another push forward”, Melvin van Gom, Partnership Director, Dentsu.

Read press release
A photo of the lab of Dentsu.

You asked.
We answered.

The answers to the most frequently asked questions.

A photo of a UX Researcher in a lab coat.A photo of a lab coat with the logo of dentsu on it.
Do I need to have a neuromarketing background for your neurolab?
Not at all! As an agency, Brainpeek is used by end-users: Insights professionals, CRO experts, UX/CX researchers, eCommerce managers and product owners. Our neurolab has been designed for the same users. We want to make neuroscience accessible for anyone. 

Note that when setting up (user) tests or when interviewing participants, research skills will benefit speed and quality, so ideally you already know how to conduct qualitative (UX) research.
How long will it take for my team to be trained and ready to test on their own?
In theory: 3 days. In practice: it depends.

Setting up the neurolab is easy and takes a day or so and train your team the same week. However, it depends on the general research maturity of your team, their calendar, location(s), etc.. Here are two examples:

Client A: Insurance Company with an existing CX lab.
Our client was already used to qualitative research and usability-testing. Their researchers visited our office: once to learn how we tested, followed by having them use our lab with our guidance. The ins and outs of the platform (Brainpeek) took 2 sessions of half a day. Showing them how to efficiently analyze the data and get to the best results were taken care of in 2 workshops of 4 hours. Finally, we were on-site to answer any questions for their first tests. After the onboarding we were online available for Q&A. That's about 3 days.

Client B: CRO Agency without research experience
Without any user testing experience (but with UX knowledge from a CRO perspective), we jointly decided to onboard the team, starting with principles on how to scope and design tests and deal with participants. Next, we focused on operating the lab, which is the easy part.
We joined them on their client calls to help with test-design, helped to analyze tests and prepare white-label presentations. This hybrid way of working took about 8 tests within a time-frame of 3 months. During this period we virtually built the company's entire research capability...
What does it cost to run my own neuro lab?
The license fee for our neurolab (see Pricing above) plus the time from your researchers and dealing with participants. Because our solution is fully integrated and automated it is more efficient than traditional user research.
Updates, support, new features, etc. are included in the license fee. When you have questions on test designs, scoping projects or customer journeys, etc. we advise without charging anything. If you ask help for specific analyses or reviews we'll agree on the specific cost.
Where is my data stored?
All data can be found in Brainpeek and the data behind it is stored at Google Cloud Platform (GCP). All servers used for storage are within Europe to overcome any (US-EU) compliance and other regulatory issues. Also good to know: Brainpeek does not store any GDPR-related data, so there are no risks related to privacy or personal data.
What do I need to take into account when running my own neuro lab?
Our neurolab takes care of your (neuro)testing ecosystem, you’ll need to provide a team to operate it and participants for conducting a test, just as you would need for a traditional UX/CX lab. Our solution is like a leased car: you’re the driver, deciding which passengers to take, where and when to go (and we don’t charge for any mileage ;-)
How is your support organized?
With every Neuro Lab client, we set up a direct messaging account to we communicate directly with your team that is working with the lab. In case of any questions, we respond within an hour on non-urgent issues, and within minutes on urgent ones.

Next to that, you will have a single point of contact (SPOC) who can help you with setting up tests, determining the right target audiences, help create accounts for your clients, and any other specific questions.

Most importantly, we jointly decide the level of support you require.
Want to know more about our neurolab? Please get in touch! 
We're happy to deep-dive into your specific situation and/or show you how it works.