About Braingineers, and the people behind it

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Braingineers facts

Our goal is to improve customer experience of our clients’ digital journeys. We do this by researching and analyzing their websites, apps and creative content, like videos.


By using smart technologies like eye-tracking, click/touch-tracking, neuro science (EEG) and A.I., we are able to dig deeper into users’ brains to get a better understanding of their implicit, subconscious and emotional experiences.


Braingineers invented the neuro usability methodology, which is based on combining data and psychology, removing bias from CX research and enabling the detection of implicit behavior.


Braingineers has developed its own emotion detection algorithms, that are specifically designed for measuring emotional states on digital user journeys.


With Brainpeek, the world’s first emotion analytics platform, our clients have access to dynamic reports and insights to better understand and optimize their journeys.


We are proud that our efforts have been recognized by being voted the #1 Analytics & Optimization Agency in The Netherlands by Emerce multiple times.


But most importantly: we are proud to have fantastic clients, with whom we create better UX, higher conversion rates, more efficient A/B testing and award-winning websites.

Meet the team

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Outside the office
Photo of dinner with the team

Roger van der Spek

ux research

Jamie van der Heijde

sales manager

Christiaan Hesselink

ux research

Hadassa Bergmann

head of magic

Joan Planas

ux research

Jerry van Veen

Ux research intern

Eli Muis

Founder & head of product

Max van Kaathoven

Founder & advisor

Roderick Reichenbach

participant & OFFICE mascot

Renee van Zaag

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Our lab

An impression of our lab where all user tests are conducted. For a real-life demo, just reach out and you will be able to see your own emotions measured.

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A photo of our lab in amsterdam office
A photo of our lab with neuro usability capabilities.
Another photo of our lab in amsterdam. Photo from the side.