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We gather high quality user insights of your website, app, prototype, email campaign and more. Improve UX, discover bottlenecks, or get data-driven, actionable input and for your CRO roadmap. Served on a silver platter.

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What to expect?

As the first neuro-usability research agency in The Netherlands, we work with a broad selection of (amazing) clients, both in The Netherlands and internationally. With our own neuroscience-lab in Amsterdam -specifically designed for digital customer journeys- we’ve got you covered.


Participant recruitment

A photo of a UX researcher welcoming the participant.
We’ll handle all of the recruiting and management of participants for your test(s). We have our own participant panel, and in case of specific- or niche target audiences, we’ll engage one of the specialized recruitment agencies from our network. If you prefer, we can work with your own panel as well.


User testing

Photo of a UX researcher who puts on an EEG headset on the head of a participant.
Our award-winning methodology and technology enables us to capture users’ emotions and their (implicit) behaviour. By combining UX research with emotion detection, eye-tracking and click-tracking, we are able to pinpoint exactly what happens where and when in a journey.

Our methodology ensures minimal bias and is based on data-driven research.

Check out the one-minute video above to get an impression.



A photo of someone presenting results to a group of people.
All of the test-data automatically flows into Brainpeek(c), our research & analytics platform. The research team analyses this data and provides key insights and actionable suggestions for optimization.

All insights are supported with a psychological background, to help you put them in the right context and to know how they can be made actionable in your optimization plans.

Results are presented in a meeting, a summary report and in Brainpeek.
(also see next paragraph: Data & Reporting)


Data & reporting

A screenshot of Brainpeek with example results.
You own the data!

Emotion data, participant recordings, user-feedback, insights, suggestions: everything is available in Brainpeek. Need to dive into a specific feature, like a filter or menu-item? Pages and specific elements in the flow are tagged for post-delivery analysis: it’s all structured by-and in the tool.

Finally, optimization suggestions are listed in action-lists that you can prioritize and assign to team members.

We aim to get you results, not just knowledge.


When researching customer journeys, we strive to fundamentally understand your (business) requirements. We do this by following this approach:

Step 1


We start by going through your requirements and jointly decide upon the test-design, journey(s), target audience, participant scenario and other elements in the flow that desire attention. Next, we’ll align on practical stuff like planning. Finally, we summarize everything in Brainpeek for your final review.

Step 2

User testing

As explained, we take care of everything for user testing.
During the process, we will update you and it might be good to know that one of our research leads is dedicated to your project, functioning as your single point of contact and personal advisor.

Step 3

Results session

From kick-off to delivery takes 1 to 2 weeks. Results and Insights are presented in a live or online session with extensive Q&A. Next, your test results and all of the supporting data are accessible in Brainpeek where you can download a summary report and deep-dive into the data and results.

Interactive dashboard

In Brainpeek, you will have access to dynamic dashboards and emotions/behavioral data, screen-recordings with eye tracking and participant feedback, easily structured for next steps and team collaboration.
screenshot of brainpeek dashboard nike test

Our neuroscience lab

Below is an impression of our lab where we conduct (y)our user tests. Here, we can test any digital customer journey on mobile or desktop, including apps, websites, software, advertising or video content. For a live demonstration, just reach out and you will be able to experience how your own emotions are measured.

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A photo of our lab in amsterdam office
A photo of our lab with neuro usability capabilities.
Another photo of our lab in amsterdam. Photo from the side.

You asked.
We answered.

The answers to the most frequently asked questions.

A photo of a UX Researcher in a lab coat.A photo of a lab coat with the logo of dentsu on it.
How fast can you deliver user test results?
Depending on the type of research, we deliver in between one and two weeks. Video testing and UX Quick Scans within a week (ideal for sprints or tight media-planning) and testing of long(er) journeys, Benchmark studies and other extensive expert-analyses in about two weeks. We can always accommodate, so ask about it when you're in a hurry 😉.
Do you recruit a custom target group for testing?
For each user test, we’ll discuss and describe the criteria of your desired target group. We are able to recruit almost any target group from our own participant panel or network and we’ve had quite some purple squirrels like doctors, pool-installers, day-traders or marathon runners who need to buy online in Spanish.
Where can I find your pricing?
Pricing depends on your situation, such as (specific) target groups, number of tests (single or bundle) and desired consultancy add-ons. Test-bundles give you additional benefits. Best is to get in touch via the contact form to schedule a meeting or request a proposal.
Do you charge extra for mobile user tests?
Nope. The proposal you receive is for user tests, which can be mobile, desktop or video.
Where can I find demos of your user tests?
If you're eager to see the user test and way of reporting in action, feel free to sign up for Brainpeek as a demo user: Brainpeek. Here you can also find examples of a Nike demo and a Coca-Cola TV commercial.
Can we organize a live demo in your lab?
Yes! We love to have people over and let them experience the lab themself. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let us know.
Can we get our own neuromarketing research lab?
Absolutely. You can start your own neuromarketing journey to better connect to your customers un subconscious level. Read more about our Neuro Lab solution where you can have your own, in-house Braingineers neuro-research studio as a turnkey solution. Technology, tooling, workflow-automation: all integrated. We offer this on a license basis so you won’t need any capital investment and operating in the cloud, it avoids all compliance-issues. Reach out to us if you want to know more.