brainpeek platform
With Brainpeek, you can easily manage and analyse your user research in an all-in-one solution.

Brainpeek is a user research platform that combines technology with CX/UX research to measure, store, analyse and present user behavior.

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With dynamic analysis tools, reports and structured participant feedback, you will gain deeper insights of your customer journeys and will improve team-colloration and efficiency.


Replay recordings from participants to analyse customers’ experience.

Example screenshot of Brainpeek screen recording

- viewing behavior with eye-tracking
- browsing behavior with click/touch tracking
- emotions (EEG) to discover frustrations that cause bottlenecks in your flow
- Structured, consolidated participant feedback


Participants go through different pages, in different patterns.

Find out:
- what pages have the highest bottlenecks
structured feedback related to a certain page
- how many people visited a certain page in their customer journey
- how much time they spent there

screenshot of brainpeek platform pages analysis
Expert analysis

Our expert team with a neuromarketing- and psychology background evaluate all recordings, pages and feedback.

example screenshot of brainpeek insights

They determine key-insights for your app/website, like: “Attention and Frustration peak on page, because…”, supported by data and improvement suggestions.

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There are many reasons why we have been working together with Braingineers for 3 years. The emotion analytics of Braingineers are a perfect addition to our data and other tests. Based on their insights we are able to improve the conversion rates and user experience at the same time.
Jurriaan Bos
Product Owner E-Commerce
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By using Brainpeeks emotion data in combination with our other data layers, we’re enriching our insights into our users’ behavior. This results in a truly next level of optimization effectiveness and increases in conversions.
Lieven Swinnen
Manager E-Business