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Realize impact on an emotional level

By analyzing the emotional experience of your TV commercial you will find optimization opportunities to increase effectiveness and emotional impact to reach a higher ROI.

Ensure you deliver the message

A neuro video test provides insights into the emotions that are experienced by the viewer when the message appears in the video. More frustration, for example, means that the viewer finds it hard to understand the message.

Increase viewers engagement

Based on eye-tracking data and the emotional levels of Attention, you can find out where viewers are distracted, or not focussing on the right parts to get them engaged. Humans have limited focus and will need to have the time and space to process your message, brand and even call to action.

Motivate viewers

When you’re building up high levels of Joy and Attention during your commercial you will be able to activate the viewer to, for example, go to your website or store. This purchase or action intention is complemented by a questionnaire that’s filled in by the participant afterwards.

Establish brand memorability


The connection between your brand and the commercial should be made clear in the video. Will the viewer remember your brand, and will it create certain associations with the brand? Will the viewer experience positive emotions when your brand is on screen? For a positive brand connection Attention and Joy are the most important emotions to focus on.

Own the discussions

A lot of internal discussions and politics are a result of subjectivity. Where everyone has an opinion of what’s best for the user, it becomes a struggle to get everyone on board for the best solution.

Brainpeek’s emotion data are objectively measured data points, directly from the brain of your users.  Clear data, with a proven scientific method, that no one can argue.

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